Ahrefs Hacks Guide – Part 5 – Free Ahrefs for Newbies

It has been a while since I updated my Ahrefs Hacks series of guides, so as I thought I would share some free tools so everyone can save some money and our newbie friends have a service they can offer from day 1.

Why you need this hack?

You are just starting out, you have no money, you are sick of bad shared ahrefs accounts.  You want to get your hands on Ahrefs data for free.

Part 5 – Free Ahrefs

This tool has been around for a little while but many will have missed it, especially those just starting their SEO careers.

1. Create a Free Ahrefs Webmaster account

Go to https://ahrefs.com/webmaster-tools and sign up for free.

2. Verify your website

You can do this by connecting GSC or manually.

What do you get?

You are obviously not going to get the full fat version of Ahrefs but you do get a huge amount of power and information for free.  I pay $199 per month for Ahrefs but you get exactly the same reports as me to analyse your site and backlinks + the site audit tool.  You are only limited to the number of results.  You get all of the below per month, FOR FREE:

  • How many websites can I use AWT for?
    You can use AWT on an unlimited number of verified websites.
  • Is there a limit on how many pages I can crawl?
    Yes, you get 5,000 crawl credits per project per month. These credits are only used up when you crawl an HTML page with status code 200, so other URLs like broken URLs, redirects or any non-HTML resources aren’t counted.
  • Can I see all my website’s backlinks with AWT?
    Yes, and you can even export up to 1,000 rows per report and 10,000 rows per month. Add to that our vast number of sorting and filtering options, and you should be able to easily distill the most important backlink data.
  • Can I see all my website’s keywords with AWT?
    Yes, we show you all keywords in our index. You can also export 1,000 rows per report and 10,000 rows per month.
  • Are the tools (or data) in AWT any different from those in Ahrefs?
    The tools and data are the same. However, Ahrefs’ subscribers will have higher data allowances and access to all of our premium tools. In addition, Ahrefs’ subscription plans allow you to analyze competing websites (unverified websites).

You want more?

Wait, what, you want more?  OK, what if I said you can get all of this for free from Ahrefs, would that entertain you?

Keyword Research

SERP & ranking insights

Link building


Ahrefs is 2nd only to Google in website data collected, so whilst not being perfect it is extremely good.  Ahrefs Webmaster Tools + other tools will help you not only improve your technical SEO but also give you LOTS of ideas for new content, what existing pages to tweak to rank higher or new keywords to target, check SERPs, competitors, rankings, etc etc.  Did I mention that it is ALL FREE.

Good luck, and let me know how you get on.