Successful PPC management requires a robust understanding of ad strategies and budget planning. Our PPC team is highly experienced in producing and executing profitable paid marketing strategies. Using data-driven insights alongside technology and creativity, we will build performant campaigns that make a real difference to your bottom line.

Authority Boost’s PPC Services cover every aspect needed to run a successful PPC Campaign. All of our PPC Account Managers are Google and Bing qualified, ensuring they can manage your paid campaign with the latest industry standards.

Our pre-campaign research will advise on which channels are most effective for your business needs, assessing your online competition, and advising on budgets to enable effective competition in your market. All of these characteristics help us to remain a leading pay per click agency.

Managing your pay per click advertisement, no matter how small, should always have a few hours of management each month. The benefits of having an Authority Boost PPC Consultant monitor and optimise on a monthly basis outweighs the cost if you didn’t, whilst improving ad rank, click through and conversion rates.

If you would like to specifically talk to a Authority Boost PPC consultant then please use the contact form and we will be in touch shortly.

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Why use Authority Boost to manage your Pay Per Click advertising?  Put simply we know what we are doing and follow a robust process to achieve results.

Keyword Research

Without the foundations of a good keyword research plan, any AdWords campaign will operate inefficiently no matter how complex or well constructed the ad copy or bid management is set. Choosing the best keywords to focus any investment on is crucial, ensuring that the phrases selected are most likely to result in clicks and conversions.

This is a process that all SEO & PPC specialists should begin with and combine this information with knowledge expressed by the client on their customers and marketplace. This way we can construct effective ads that show up at the right time and in the right place.

Authority Boost walks you through step by step each part of the process ensuring we are maximising the effectiveness of all of our PPC campaigns.

Keyword Grouping

Keyword grouping is a top level strategy adopted by organised PPC specialists who want to achieve budget effectiveness across the entire campaign level. By keyword grouping into specific campaigns and ad groups, you implement Latent Semantic Indexing, identifying sub-related keywords to a chosen subject. Identifying ‘LSI’ keywords and placing them into specific ad groups, you begin to bolster and strengthen that particular ad.

By doing this, you are able to improve quality score and therefore increase the budget effectiveness of your campaign (by paying a lower cost per click).

Advert and Copy Text

You have 2 lines of ad copy text to convince a potential visitor to click on your paid advert. This is hard, especially if you operate in a saturated PPC marketplace and have maximised all avenues of ad extensions. However, our specialists carry out effective A/B testing on your ad copy, ensuring that we understand the thinking patterns behind certain keyword phrases; these are known as customer choice factors (CCF’s).

Is it the cheapest price you’re customer is looking for? Free delivery? 24/7 support? Whichever marketplace you operate in, there’ll be a list of CCF’s that will help bolster your advertising campaign.

Landing Pages

The use of tailored and effectively constructed landing pages in Pay Per Click channels can significantly increase conversion rates whilst lower cost per click. The overall goal is to create a closely conjoined relationship between the ad and the content of the specific landing page, thus, increasing quality score and the message match for humans and Google’s AdWords algorithm.

However, many organisations fail to do this and point adverts at pages that aren’t tailored to a specific keyword group. This then leads to a reduced quality score, a reduced conversion rate thereby increasing the chance of the campaign not converting. This can then lead to the belief that the keyword group is no longer worth targeting and in many cases, the opportunity is then missed.