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SEMrush Review

SEO professionals are getting more reliant on using SEO tracking software that is very effective in expediting the efforts of ranking website better on search. The tool like SEMRush offers a great deal of SEO solution packages that are loaded with features that help grow a website online traffic through keyword ranking.

It is quite difficult to manually manage one’s SEO campaign and analytic tools like search ranking software offers the convenience of marketing your business online with better efficiency and productive SEO results. SEMRush is a SEO software that is designed for SEO professionals, helping them take their projects to a higher level of search engine optimization process.

Features and Specifications

The software is creatively designed to meet the SEO needs of search engine marketers. It can collect massive data and information regarding the search engine results page of your web pages. You can easily integrate your Adword marketing ads to review your business URL’s organic position and landing pages performance in the search rank. It is also convenient to evaluate your competition, search volumes and create customizable data with accurate SEO information regarding your individual projects.

  • SEMrush offers a wonderful feature of digging deeper into finding more related searches for your online marketing campaigns. You can easily search through your competitor’s high performing keywords while obtaining information about the dollars they have spent for marketing the keyword for search results.
  • You can search through the latest keyword trends. Do away with the guess works when using this software because you have a lot of opportunities to discover to optimize your marketing strategies for SEO.
  • Spy on your competitor’s organic marketing position.
  • You can view their competitor’s organic positions such as knowing their search engine results position from the top 20 results from Bing and Google using a particular keyword.
  • You can also compare your website’s progress and ranking against your competitors by reading through traffic figures, marketing ads used by your competitors, CPC and other relevant SEO metrics to gauge your website performance and efficiency for search engine optimization.

Among the other metrics that you can gauge using the software include the following:

  • Keyword ranking
  • Search engine organic traffic of your website
  • The number of ads of your competitors
  • Competitor’s ads traffic
  • Search trends, spikes and variances
  • Real time data analysis and reporting


SEMRush is an SEO tool that comes with advanced features that online marketers will find valuable especially when undertaking a more intensive keyword research and ranking. It is a tool that comes highly recommended when you aim to obtain more in-depth and intensive information about your competitor’s SEO marketing progress and performance for search ranking. You can check out the service with a free trial version for 31 days and estimate the quality and accuracy of rank checking results on